Improvisationally Speaking Episode 10 with CAPTAIN ENCOURAGEMENT A.K.A Nicholas Domingo

June 16, 2017

Nicholas Domingo was a little chubby, and had crooked teeth as a kid. He was a target for bullies. and as he grew, he learned to channel his negative energy into his training to become a semi-pro football player, a weight-lifter, and a cage-match and street fighter. A brain hemorrhage at the age of 19, and the loss of 3 of his best friends to suicide turned his life upside-down, and changed his life trajectory forever.

There are no super-gadgets that can help you deal with bullies. No special powers that can magically heal hurt feelings. In the comics, obstacles are usually overcome by fists and willpower, but that’s not how it works in the real world. Nicholas Domingo was walking down the streets of L.A. one day and he decided to just start doling out compliments to the people he walked past. As he saw their faces light up, he realized that the world needed a superhero who CAN deal with those complex issues. A real live hero who resolves conflict without violence; whose superpowers are infectious positivity and the ability to encourage people to do their best and spread kindness. And so, burning with the desire to help the world, Nicholas transformed into Captain Encouragement.

His mission: to perpetuate positive change in the world, starting by giving all children the tools to break the cycle of violence that is inherent in our society and the media.

Taking advantage of the world’s unprecedented interconnectivity, Captain Encouragement travels from school to school, library to community center, across the country, to wake up the new generations, and trade our apathy and isolation for the love and kindness of a more positive humankind.


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